Environmental Law

LAGUNA supports its clients in complying with their environmental obligations, thereby preventing and reducing environmental impacts caused by human activity.

For this purpose, our activities are developed on two levels:

Prevention: Strategies are developed to comply with environmental laws and to secure permits or concessions required to fulfill environmental obligations.

Regularization: Obtainment of our client’s environmental obligations compliance through: – Legal Environmental Audits to establish the degree of current compliance with applicable obligations. – Regularization and compliance strategies. – Acquiring of lacking permits or missing concessions. – Advice and representation at administrative proceedings. We also provide legal advice to the public sector (federal, state and local governments) for the development of legislation and the implementation of environmental policies.

Our practice covers the following sectors: • Environmental impact and risk • Land use • Solid and Hazardous Waste • Soil Pollution • Waste • Water concessions and wastewater discharges • Federal Maritime Land Zone concessions and permits • Forest Permits • Atmospheric emissions permits