LAGUNA is a firm focused on environmental law and climate change

Our mission is to give legal certainty to your activities.

Our lawyers have over 20 years providing legal advice to public and private entities, international organizations, and multilateral development banks, primarily in Latin America and Africa in the area of climate change and environment.

We have experience negotiating, structuring, documenting, and implementing projects, programs, and national policies tackling climate change.

We specialize in providing legal advice to mitigation and adaptation programs.

Our legal advice is nurtured with our environmental and corporate legal expertise. Consequently, our strategies provide legal certainty for successful project development.

We have an absolute commitment to ethical values in carrying out our work and in relation with our customers.

Our activities include legal audits to determine the fulfillment of environmental obligations, development of legal structures and strategies, as well as legal advice in contract negotiations and contractual drafting.

Our firm has strategic alliances with other national and international firms, which allows us to give advice in areas such as infrastructure, real estate, energy, and tax law, in several countries, especially in Latin America.

Our Team

Our attorneys have specialized and worked in different countries, thus giving our legal advice a global vision, necessary for the advising in climate change matters. Legal advice provided by our attorneys has earned them international recognition in the areas of environmental law, and international projects. Our lawyers are nationally and internationally recognized as pioneers in the environmental and climate change area, under the coordination of our partner Gabriela González – Merla L.